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Why you should consider investing in newsgames: The Media Roundup

Play to learn: why publishers should be investing in newsgames

Yesterday, the FT published a game to coincide with Earth Day. Players were tasked with deciding which policies and social endeavours were worth investing in to mitigate climate change and reach Net Zero by 2050.

The game is a genuinely fun way of illustrating the multifaceted problems that come from trying to achieve Net Zero. 

Play to learn: why publishers should be investing in newsgames

It’s part of a wider trend in journalism: that of the newsgame. Increasingly, these are being seen as a valuable way of exploring news stories in a deeper way, rather than a gimmick.

We’re not suggesting publishers rush to turn every article into a game. Rather, Chris argues that the gaming medium is well-established, and there are opportunities for publishers to use it to their advantage.

Publishers try a fraction of the news for a fraction of the cost

The market is saturated with publications targeting the global elite who barely blink at paying hundreds of dollars a year for news access. But the longevity of The Economist’s Espresso app and the initial success of the FT’s new Edit app suggests that there might be a new way forward. I look at how these publishers are offering a curated selection of their content for a much lower price point.

Metaverse opportunities for publishers: Next online revolution or waste of money?

I’m leaning towards the latter. Publishers have been warned that we’re on the brink of a virtual reality explosion for at least the decade I’ve been working in media. The audiences simply aren’t there – you’re better off creating a TikTok account (or a newsgame!) Nonetheless, this is a good look at what some publishers are up to in the space, and also comes with a very helpful glossary.

The hottest trend on TikTok? In-depth analysis.

No seriously, you’re better off creating a TikTok account than investing in the metaverse. Viral dances aren’t cutting it any more. Now, TikTokers are turning to analysis and commentary videos seeking to summarise, predict, or investigate the zeitgeist.

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