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What next for regional news in the UK after Archant acquisition: The Media Roundup

Regional publisher Newsquest buys rival Archant

We’re kicking ourselves for missing this from this week’s news roundup. With Newsquest purchasing Archant, there are now effectively only three major regional news publishers in the UK. It throws up any number of questions about media plurality, the ability of journalists to collaborate across titles, the potential for redundancies… it’s a huge discussion and we’ll absolutely have it in the near future.

But first, as reported in Press Gazette, the details. Rcapital acquired Archant in 2020 (though not The New European which had previously been spun off) – but less than two years later things have obviously changed.

Regional publisher Newsquest buys rival Archant

Archant’s chief executive Lorna Willis said: ‘By bringing the best of Archant and Newsquest together we have the opportunity to lead the way in building an exciting future for regional media, a future that speaks to growth, innovation and sustainability, built on quality local journalism.’

Why audio articles are great for retention, conversion and attracting young readers

The podcast market has become saturated and difficult to navigate. Discovery is very difficult. This article from Twipe Mobile argues that audio articles are a great place for publishers to start – and we’ve discussed some examples of publishers doing just that very recently.

Reuters staff raise alarms over partnership with Russian-owned wire service

Tass, the Russian-owned newswire, is causing consternation at Reuters. Politico reports that Tass has published unverified information about the war in Ukraine. That has potential reputational ramifications for Reuters – but it also means that the public potentially eventually has conflicting reports originating from the same service.

Race and leadership in the news media 2022: evidence from five markets

Depressing and unexpected news from the Reuters Insitute’s latest report into race and newspaper leadership. News media leadership is still overwhelmingly white; in Brazil, Germany, and the UK, as in 2021, none of the outlets in Reuters’ sample have a non-white top editor. Meanwhile in the US, 33% of top editors are non-white, up from 18% in 2021.

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