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Webinar: The importance of consent strings and how they can benefit publishers

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Publishers who don’t pass a consent string to their European Economic Area (EEA) readers are missing out on money—it’s that simple. Data from publisher solutions provider, Sovrn Holdings, shows an EEA advertising yield increase of 41% or more—up to 91%—among those publishers passing a consent string.

This translates to a significant amount of publisher revenue, and you are invited to a free webinar covering the ways in which you can benefit from reader consent.

What is a consent string? A consent string is the ID given to an ad tech vendor to denote consent status. GDPR presents six different legal bases for data processing, of which one is consent. Processing data based on consent requires an opt-in consent string, and once a reader has given their consent through a publisher’s CMP, that information then makes its way through the ad ecosystem to participating vendors.

Participating buyers are those who are looking for and respect the consent signal—both in terms of the legal data processing categories, and for them as a vendor.

“What this means is that a consent string makes a publisher’s ad inventory more valuable, driving up bid prices and improving yield.”

In this free webinar, Michelle Beehler, Compliance Manager at Sovrn, will cover all of the ways in which reader consent can benefit your publishing business. She’ll discuss the important lessons Sovrn has learned since GDPR implementation, as well as the steps that publishers can take to manage compliance and use it for their benefit.

Registration is free—if you can’t attend, you can still sign up and Sovrn will send you the recording.

The webinar will run on Weds, April 17 @ 2:00 PM UK time, and again at 1:00 PM Colorado time.

Webinar Access Link:

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