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To reach younger audiences, Instagram is the #1 choice (Facebook lags at #7)

Reaching younger audiences on social platforms is more of a challenge, considering the number of platforms competing for their attention. In addition to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram, the audience attention is spread across a range of services including Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest and Twitch.

According to the latest Digiday survey of 189 media buyers, Instagram is the ideal platform to reach audiences aged 20 and below. While 37% said Instagram is the top choice, it was closely followed by Snapchat, with 30% respondents preferring the platform to spend their ad dollars on. 17% media buyers would like to start their campaigns with YouTube, which rounds up the top three.

“Buyers searching for easy ways to reach younger audiences have good reason to start with Instagram ahead of Snapchat,” noted Mark Weiss at Digiday Research. “Instagram ads targeting younger audiences can be effortlessly added to larger campaigns when buying across Facebook properties.”

Incidentally, the survey indicates Facebook’s appeal amongst younger users has plummeted significantly, with just 1% preference among respondents. This ties in with eMarketer’s forecast on social network usage in 2018, which showed that Facebook is losing younger users at an even faster pace than previously expected.

Instagram, on the other hand, has been able to shield itself effectively from Facebook’s woes.

Advertisers’ concerns about brand safety is really low on Instagram.

Charlotte Kleiman, Performance Lead at Social Code

Digiday Research also found significant support for YouTube, in spite of repeated brand safety scandals.

And Snapchat—the network of choice for teens—definitely has its loyal adherents.

As James Douglas, SVP of Media at Reprise Digital, told Digiday, “You need to start where your audiences are.”

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