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The world’s most popular video streaming services (Amazon Prime Video is at #5)

There is now more than 400 subscription video on demand (SVOD) services worldwide. In our most recent Global Digital Subscription Snapshot we found global paid subscription numbers totalling 683 million, and that excludes the estimated 75 million subscribers to Amazon Prime Video.

The 10 biggest players (again excluding Amazon), dominate with more than an 80% market share globally, and all of these companies originate from 1 or 3 countries, the USA, China or India.

Topping the list is Netflix, one of the first pioneers of SVOD. The company boasts more than 150,000,000 paying subscribers and has become the dominant provider in most markets. With a growing focus on original content, it’s ad-free all-in model is attractive to end-users, and it has run into few true challengers outside of its home market.

Chart of the week 3 Feb 2020 ()

Players from each of these markets have developed a distinct approach to growing their SVOD subscriptions base, and each faces a unique set of challenges.

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