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The Publisher’s Guide to Podcasting: Report Download

What’s New in Publishing is proud to present The Publisher’s Guide to Podcasting, a special insight report sponsored by Sovrn, and written by regular WNIP contributor and Media Voices podcast co-founder Esther Kezia Thorpe.

Podcasts have been one of the real bright spots in publishing over the last eighteen months. Thanks to improved content and easier distribution, their popularity is skyrocketing globally, with a third of people listening to a podcast at least once monthly.

Better still, publishers of all sizes are uniquely placed to take advantage of podcasts, from a ready-made audience and established marketing channels, to a strong penchant for storytelling and, most importantly, trust.

Podcasts also afford publishers a new level of intimacy with their audience for a very low cost, especially as the entire ecosystem is geared towards subscribers and building up a regular audio habit.

The Publisher’s Guide to Podcasting is designed to help publishers navigate around some of the pitfalls that come with starting a podcast, as well as providing a comprehensive set of tools, tips and tricks on how to make a success of your podcast from day one. It also explores monetization opportunities, including some examples of publishers who are making significant revenue from podcasting, and a checklist for keeping going.

  — Download the full 50-page report here  —