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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Key insights from the Reuters Digital News Report 2020, Facebook rejects payments to publishers, and more

Our Reuters Report round-up

If you haven’t had time to read the latest Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2020 yet, team WNIP have been busy this week scouring it for insights and information to help you.

Damian Radcliffe has pulled out the 5 must-read charts for publishers, highlighting key trends like a growing number of people paying for online news, evolving social media habits, and more.

Monojoy Bhattacharjee analyses the report’s findings relating to the resurgence of email newsletters, and why they are still vital to both audiences and publishers.

Esther Kezia Thorpe sets out what we learned about changing podcast consumption from the report, and what this means for publishers who either have their own podcasts, or who are looking to launch them.

Finally, Faisal Kalim explores the gateways to news that matter most to publishers, particularly as adoption of digital platforms expands beyond just young people. In another piece, he has also put together the key findings about falling trust in news, and why the silent majority want news to be ‘neutral’.

We hope you find these useful in drawing out the most valuable points from the report for you and your publishing business. 



“News content is highly substitutable”: Facebook rejects payments to publishers

Facebook reiterated that news represents “only a very small fraction of the content in the average Facebook users’ newsfeed” since it was primarily a service used to connect with family and friends, and if there were no news content available on Facebook, they were confident the impact on the company’s community metrics and revenues would not be significant.


Digital News Report 2020: 5 must-read charts for publishers

Based on a survey of more than 80,000 people in 40 markets, here are five essential trends – and the charts which support them – from this new 112-page study.


Growth, not survival, is the priority for media entrepreneurs

A survey from media consulting firm Collingwood Advisory of media owners has suggested that for many, growth, rather than just survival, remains a priority during the crisis.


Email newsletters are resurging, says Reuters Institute

Email newsletters, once thought of as low-tech and unfashionable, are proving increasingly valuable to publishers looking to build strong direct relationships with audiences.


“More relevant and important than ever”: Flipboard, with 145M users, doubles down on local news

The platform works with local publishers and content creators in each city to offer a curated experience based on the best sources.


“Habits continue to become more distributed”: Gateways to news that matter most to publishers

The Digital News Report 2020 found that 28% of readers prefer to start their news journeys with a website or app. This is followed by social media at 26%.


What we learned about changing podcast consumption, from the Digital News Report 2020

With half of respondents saying that podcasts provide more depth and understanding than other types of media, the opportunities for publishers have never been clearer.


The “silent majority” want news to be neutral: Insights from Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report 2020

56% of people remain concerned about what’s true or false, with respect to news on the internet. Additionally, the majority would prefer news publishers to be neutral in their coverage.

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Lessons from award-winning podcasts: Digiday Podcast’s Brian Morrisey

We asked Brian Morrissey, editor in chief and podcast host, to share some of his insights into what has made the Digiday podcast so successful.

What’s the value of news to the platforms?

Australian authorities are pressing ahead with a controversial plan to make Facebook and Google pay for news content, and with formal submissions made, it’s clear there will be no amicable settlement.

Rise of the ‘timewall’: How publishers are playing with time in their paywall strategies

One growing type of paywall that stands out is the ‘timewall’, which is a paywall that uses time as the decider of when to go up or down.

Digital subscriptions see steep rise

Digital platform Exact Editions has seen a steep rise in digital subscriptions amongst its publisher partners since lockdown restrictions were introduced to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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