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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Dec 6th 2019

News podcasts grow 32% in 2019, inside Quartz’s membership model, and more

The unstoppable rise of podcasting

new report from the Reuters Institute this week revealed that the number of new podcasts globally rose by almost 12,000 between January and October 2019 – an increase of a third.

Of particular interest is the strong performance of news podcasts. Despite news podcasts making up just 6% of the podcast mix, they outperform many other genres in terms of consumption.

Lead author Nic Newman says news podcasting is a rare bright spot for the news industry, with bigger audiences, better measurement and easier access encouraging publishers to invest more in creating quality content, but also nudging platforms to invest in better distribution and monetisation.

With more publishers making significant investments in podcasting in the hope of building habit and bringing in additional revenue, we’re looking forward to seeing more publishers innovate and experiment with podcast formats and revenues in 2020.


What’s new this week

“Increasing the value of membership until it’s a bargain”: Quartz’s secret sauce

Quartz’s membership offering is pitched differently than most outlets’ — more as an investment in the reader’s career. It repackages its journalism into longer-lasting resources for members like field guides and slide decks.

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