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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Sep 27th 2019

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Denník N drives 95% subscriber growth in under 3 years, podcast listeners cross the 50% mark in the US, and more…

Metrics that matter

Here at What’s New in Publishing, we aim to highlight examples of publisher innovation from all around the world.

This week, we want to focus on Denník N, a Slovak digital and print newspaper. Founded in 2015 and funded by readers, the newspaper has grown from 21,000 paid subscribers at the end of 2016 to 42,000 at present – a 95% growth – thanks in no small part to the CRM system that the editorial team developed in-house.

Because the title is reader-funded, the editorial team has always focused on journalism that drives subscriptions. They soon realised that the tools and the measurements they were using were driving them to focus on the wrong metrics, not the ones that matter.

Aided by a Google Digital News Initiative grant, the team have been developing their Reader’s Engagement and Monetization Platform (REMP), an open-source project comprising a set of free monetization tools for publishers.

Not only is REMP itself a fascinating project, but there’s plenty for us to learn by looking at how Denník N have slowed down the number of articles they publish, and are instead focusing on length and quality.


What’s new this week

“A watershed moment for podcasting”: Podcasts show explosive growth, drive subscriptions, and ad revenue to cross $1B in 2021

Among US users, the number of individuals (12 years and older) who have ever listened to a podcast crossed 50% for the first time. Around 32% listen monthly, compared to 26% last year. This is the largest yearly increase since the data started being tracked.

How a news startup is driving reader revenue with its own CRMWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareDenník N has grown from 21,500 paid subscribers at the end of 2016 to 42,000 at present—a 95% growth—thanks to the CRM system that the editorial team developed in-house. 
“Mind-reading” & quantum computing: should publishers prepare for a world without screens?WHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareAs our interfaces transform with increasing speed, publishers have to keep abreast of the impending tech revolutions, and not get caught flat-footed as the rules of the game change. 
Introducing the biggest women’s magazine launch in a decadeWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – SharePlatinum magazine is the latest glossy on the market, with what has been described as ‘the biggest women’s magazine launch in over a decade.’
“People click on ads without reading the content,” & other unexpected findings from PR NewswireWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – SharePR Newswire’s largest survey of APAC journalists has uncovered some unusual revelations. The majority of journalists said they rate content quality as their #1 key performance indicator.
How publishers are innovating with podcastsWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareWith listener numbers growing and discoverability improving, there has never been a better time for publishers to create something unique.
Branded content shows the most potential for growth, as mobile usage shoots upWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareA new study from WARC and the Mobile Marketing Association has found that mobile is increasingly seen as an effective marketing channel.
Ad spend on online video will rise to $61B by 2021, as time spent viewing grows rapidly at 32% a yearWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareOnline video is causing rapid changes in behaviour as people become accustomed to having endless high-quality video on tap wherever they are at any time in the day.
How tags add value for content creators, and 6 best practices for applying themWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareThere are lots of use cases for adding more advanced tags to categorize your content in ways that are relevant to your business.
“Consumers are in debate with themselves”: The new battleground of data and privacyWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – SharePrivacy and data use have never been more at the forefront of consumers’ minds. Ting Cai, Partner Director of Product and Technology at Microsoft, says “a perfect balance” can be found.
The newspaper edition has endured over 400 years: How has it evolved in today’s digital age?WHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareAs the benefits of editions become more apparent to publishers, we are excited to see what other types of digital editions emerge.
The essential guide to video content marketing (with limited resources)WHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareHow should you proceed to develop a video strategy that achieves the results you want if you’re part of a lean team that already feels pressed for time, money, and resources?
“Interactive real-time news feed curated by the best in the world”: Why journalists love TwitterWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareTwitter has its merits, and with around a quarter of verified Twitter users being journalists, clearly we’re a bunch that are using it with some enthusiasm. 
The perils of whiplash journalism: Lessons from the AmazonWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareIn chasing the news, there’s always the danger of missing the story, and the recent Amazon rainforest fires prove an unwelcome reminder that it’s all too easily done.
Turning a blind eye to bots to protect ad revenue? Think againWHATSNEWINPUBLISHING.COM – ShareDespite the fact that bots can present serious security threats, many publishers turn a blind eye to them, concerned that addressing and blocking bot traffic could impact impressions.

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