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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Aug 23rd 2019

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Publishers seeing results with ‘Subscribe with Google’, predictive AI driving double-digit growth for Foxtel, and more

Inside ‘Subscribe with Google’ and the publishers testing the waters

About a year ago, Google announced ‘Subscribe with Google’—a simple way to subscribe to news publications and maintain access everywhere: websites, apps, even search results.

Fast forward to today, and publishers who have tested the technology are seeing some impressive results. In fact, Subscribe with Google delivered 30% better results than the publishers’ own subscription workflow. Now, almost 50 publishers around the world are integrating the product into their operations, from the Financial Times to the Guardian.

“By removing friction, there’s a new injection of energy that’s possible in subscriber economics,” said Craig Forman, President and CEO of McClatchy, who have rolled it out across their local titles.

A frictionless subscription experience like this could be just the boost publishers need, with paywalled articles still getting the boost from search traffic. But once again, it requires putting trust and control in the hands of one of the biggest tech companies in the world. That compromise may well be too difficult for many publishers to accept.


What’s new this week

After 30% uplift in subscriptions, Financial Times and other publishers roll out ‘Subscribe with Google’

After months of testing, more publishers have now started rolling out their offerings with ‘Subscribe with Google’, and in the initial stages, there’s some unheard of offers up for grabs, like the Financial Times’ “6 months free” trial.

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