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The Must-Read Publishing Stories You May Have Missed Nov 16, 2018

Publishers are waking up to the potential of Reddit for engagement, trust in media is recovering from a historic low, and more…

Reddit is now ready for publishers

Reddit’s moves to make themselves more publisher-friendly this year have unsurprisingly been dwarfed by manoeuvres from the bigger platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. So it may have escaped many people’s notice that they’ve hired a dedicated Head of News and Journalism alongside a growing media partnerships team, and are developing tools and features for publishers to share and track content.

Our feature this week explores how some of these changes are making Reddit a friendlier place for publishers, and the potential of its vast user base for engagement.

Reddit isn’t going to be any sort of silver bullet, but for both reaching niche audiences and playing the scale game, it could be valuable to explore as part of a publisher’s social media strategy.


Media Moments 2018: Report Download

What’s New in Publishing is pleased to present its first report. ‘Media Moments 2018’ explores seven key areas which have influenced the media and publishing industry this year, from reader revenue and platforms to advertising and data. It finishes with a look at some of the key opportunities for 2019.

What’s new this week

Publishers are waking up to the potential of Reddit for engagement
On Reddit, the self-styled ‘front page’ of the internet, millions of users cluster round niches they’ve self-elected to be engaged with.
Americans’ trust in media recovers from historic low
While President Trump recently renewed his denunciation of the media as “the true enemy of the people”, the public view of mass media is gradually improving from its 2016 low point.
NY Times charts its course to 10 million subscribers with a dynamic paywall plan
The Manhattan-based news publisher announced earlier this month that its digital-subscription sales grew strongly in the third quarter, and digital advertising rebounded. 
New challenge for content creators: Google doubles down on “no-click searches”
How many searches is Google answering right in the results, preventing anyone but the search giant themselves from benefiting? 
Together we rise: Could content bundling be the next big thing for publishers?
As users sign up for these new services, publishers are seeing benefits in partnering with other companies to offer a wider range of content.
Smart archives: Google and NYT take archival content digitization to the next level with AI
How can a publisher’s most precious assets and intellectual property be stored safely?
Podcast: Skift CEO Rafat Ali on paid content and the perils of VC funding
This week the Media Voices team hear from Rafat Ali, co-founder and CEO of boutique travel publisher Skift.
With $10 million raised, Scroll bets on upending the currency of publishing
Scroll is positioning itself as a consumer service powering an ad-free web that rewards great user experience and funds essential journalism.
3 rules for a successful digital news product strategy
More and more publishers are planning their strategies for 2019. As inspiration, we have 3 rules for a successful digital news product strategy.
Has the time come for content micropayments?
In the UK and other European countries, several companies are now offering innovative micropayment solutions to publishers.