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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Young readers willing to pay, SVoD coming of age for publishers, and more…

Has SVoD come of age for publishers?

The Big Issue, the UK social enterprise publisher, has launched its own subscription video-on-demand channel focusing on socially conscious etc. documentaries for an ‘all-in’ monthly sub of £3.99. 

Content on the channel will be curated by The Big Issue’s editorial team from partner Alchimie’s catalogue of 60,000 hours of content from 300 broadcasting partners.

If The Big Issue can do it, other publishers might want to test SVoD too, especially as the segment has ‘significant room for growth’ and a 28% YOY growth rate.

The Big Issue’s Group CEO, Paul Cheal, winner of numerous publishing innovation awards, hinted as much telling WNIP, “Great specialist media brands have always acted as trusted curators for highly targeted audiences……and it is those brands who are well placed to take advantage of opportunities such as SVoD.”



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As the world inches towards normalcy, publishers are seeing newsletters as a powerful tool to build engagement as well as grow revenue.


The Big Issue launches subscription video-on-demand service

The initiative comes at the end of twelve months of dramatic digital transformation for The Big Issue which had traditionally relied on street vendors to sell and distribute its weekly magazine.


Young readers willing to pay: “Finding the right pricing and model is crucial for news organisations” to entice them

Nearly a quarter of young readers are willing to pay for news, according to a new survey by WAN-IFRA’s Elizabeth Benítez.


“We’re not going to block advertisers and publishers from connecting”: Google

The old methods of conducting internet advertising were no longer viable because they allowed too much non-consensual collecting and sharing of user data.


How a Polish newsroom developed a loyal audience by going “newsletter first”

Many newsrooms rush to launch their membership program, skipping a critical prerequisite: developing and getting to know their loyal audience. 


4 ways publishers are building loyalty during pandemic times

As publishers increasingly pivot to reader-revenue, finding ways to keep new (and existing) audiences on board is a strategic priority.


“Everyone sees the same storyline”: Google Search rolls out Full Coverage for news stories

Google is updating search results with the Full Coverage feature; it was previously exclusive to Google News. 


COVID-19’s impact on the media, in 10 charts

For some, it could be an “extinction-level event”, while others may emerge stronger—a result of increased digital subscriptions, revenue diversification, and reduced competition.


Creator economy vs. newsroom leadership: A fight for talent

More and more journalists will be tempted by easy options to monetize their fans.

The next big business for news publishers? Some say books

Why some publishers see the books business as the next frontier for diversification.

Can auditing eliminate bias from algorithms?

A growing industry wants to scrutinize the algorithms that govern our lives—but it needs teeth.

Facebook’s news blockade shows how tech giants are swallowing the web

Facebook displays valuable information, but if people don’t click through, or there is nothing to effectively click on, then those who actually created the content will continue to have a hard time making money off their work.

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