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The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

How publishers can benefit from “a newsletter arms race”, Facebook to pay publishers for content, and more…

“Beginning of a newsletter arms race”

Just a few months ago, Reuters Institute’s Digital News Report noted “the resurgence of email newsletters,” highlighting a sharp increase in their production, both by ‘legacy’ print and newer digital media publishers. 

Soon enough, with Substack, we got an inkling of publishing’s next big trend: “monetizing the individual”. Several publishers have already set up shop on Substack, with the top 10 publishers collectively raking in around $7M a year.

Twitter’s acquisition of Revue, Forbes’ massive expansion of paid newsletters, several journalists leaving regular jobs to set up their own newsletter-based publications … all indicate we are on the cusp of a new revolution in publishing.

And this revolution too will not be televised. It’ll be inboxed.



“Beginning of a newsletter arms race:” How publishers are set to benefit as platforms vie for premium content

It (email) does remain one of the most important tools available to publishers for building habit and attracting the type of customers that can help with monetization (subscription or advertising). 


How Forbes is harnessing the “Substackization of media” with a new paid newsletter platform

Forbes announced its new paid newsletters platform last week, and industry insiders are already calling it “a big deal.”


5 innovative news formats to try out in 2021 – and tools to implement them

Media have been experimenting with innovative options for a while now producing explainers, guides, listicles, cartoons, animated investigations etc. But what else can we do?


“Better prepared than many of the big media houses”: Dennik N looks at a profit of €1M for 2020-2021

Slovakian news publisher Denník N expects a profit of €1M for ’20-21… remarkable considering it was founded in 2014 by journalists after the newspaper they worked for was bought by an oligarch.


Facebook rolls out “a new destination for news” in the UK: Will pay publishers for content

Facebook has started rolling out Facebook News—a destination within its app that features news from hundreds of leading national, local and lifestyle outlets—across the UK.


Google agrees to pay French publishers for news, but threatens to exit Australia if media code becomes law

In a high-stakes drama unfolding across the globe, Google indicated just how much it’s willing to bend, before it reaches what it considers to be a breaking point.


Is news worth a lot or a little? Google and Facebook want to have it both ways

Google has already run experiments to test removing Australian news from search. This may be a demonstration that the threat to withdraw from Australia is serious, or at least, serious brinkmanship. 


Digital ads: The secret sweetheart deal between Facebook and Google

Perhaps the most serious claim in the draft complaint was that the two companies had predetermined that Facebook would win a fixed percentage of auctions that it bid on.


Clubhouse: What’s the mysterious new platform all about?

With much of the world having lived with pandemic-related restrictions for almost a year now, Clubhouse’s USP of intimate, relatively unmediated interaction is reaching far beyond its Silicon Valley origins.

Budgets fall, but optimism rises: The Q4 2020 IPA Bellwether report

Not only is the decline less severe than reported in the Q3 findings, but more businesses are expressing positive outlooks regarding their bottom lines.

Berlin-based news startup aims to shake-up the pan-European media market

Europe’s big players never really managed to build a product that would appeal to a continent-wide audience., a Berlin-based digital news startup, is trying to fix that problem and become a leading platform for debate around Europe.

Something is rotten in online advertising

A lot of savvy people believe adtech and the entire online advertising industry are due for a subprime-mortgage-style reckoning.

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