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Swiss publishers join forces for single sign-ons: The Media Roundup

These competitors joined forces to allow readers to use a single login across their news sites

The Swiss Digital Alliance – a fellowship forged on a fancy boat three years ago – has taken their first collective step with OneLog, a single sign-on system being used across a variety of Alliance Members’ news sites.

Each partner decides how often and on what types of content OneLog asks users to log in on. Publishers with a subscription model might choose to have a login leading to a trial subscription. Another publisher might choose to put only certain types of content behind the login box.

OneLog already has nearly a million active accounts, which readers can use to access more than a dozen news sites. Strong support from the CEOs of each company has helped smooth potential roadblocks, and just goes to show what can be achieved when publishers come together.

The takeaway for the rest of us? Find media friends with fancy boats.

Future explains how brands can reconnect with 14m mainstream British women

Future has a wide portfolio of brands that interact with women, especially after its TI Media acquisition. So it has gone off and actually worked to understand its audience. And they aren’t happy with how they’re represented in mainstream media. Essential reading, whether you run an automotive brand or a women’s weekly.

Axios has made $1M in revenue from its eight-month-old software licensing business

No surprises that Axios are nailing it again, even if we’re dubious about the need for a software that tells you to write in bullet points. Still, I love this quote from co-founder Roy Schwartz on profitability: “When you think about breaking even in a software business, the more successful it is, the more you push off reaching breaking even. Once it’s working, you decide to invest more in it.” Ah, the slippery slope of software.

Membership funding for journalism: the top brands ranked

Press Gazette has pulled together a list of the top news brands by how many members they have (those that have made that figure public, at least). I was quite surprised how quickly the list dropped to four figures. But perhaps it demonstrates that if you play the reader revenue game right, you don’t need huge numbers.

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