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The benefits of streamlined sponsorship: The Media Roundup

Case study: How VTDigger overhauled their sponsorship strategy

This is a really good look at the before and after processes of VTDigger’s sponsorship strategy, thanks to the GNI-IIN Sponsorships Lab. Back in August 2020, Digger offered ad spots randomly, with an internal process that was complex to manage. In some cases, they were selling five placements per newsletter to five different clients for $100 each.

Thanks to insights from the Sponsorships Lab on packaging and pricing, the team decided to reduce the available ad spots to three, and required clients to purchase a newsletter ‘takeover’ of all three positions. They also applied a similar framework to display ads on the site, so rather than lots of advertisers competing with each other, clients are sold site full-day takeovers.

Thanks to this streamlining of ad availability and a sponsored virtual event series, Digger has managed to grow revenue by more than 10%. Some smart lessons here for publishers of all shapes and sizes.

MVP: Why sports coverage could be the next great subscription driver

Chris has talked about the value of sports coverage in recent episodes, and has put his thoughts down very eloquently in this piece for Digital Content Next. The Athletic seems to have been a catalyst for some important changes, and has demonstrated that there is a hunger for well-reported sports content. The rest is up to publishers.

Twitter ad revenue crosses $1bn in Q2

It’s all looking rosy for Twitter as it’s seen a 74% increase in revenue during the second quarter of its financial year. It’s surged to an operating profit after heavy losses in the corresponding time frame last year. Daily user numbers have also increased by 11%. Could the banning of certain political figures be making it a more appealing place to spend time?

A defunct video hosting site is flooding normal websites with hardcore porn

Stories on major news sites like The Washington Post, HuffPost and New York Magazine have accidentally ended up with porn embedded in them because of an old site called Vidme. This takes the problem of link rot to a new, unsavoury level. Check your backlinks and embeds!

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