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Subscriber-only podcasts now on Spotify, Medium acquires Knowable: The Media Roundup

Spotify’s new Podcast Subscriptions expand to global markets

Apologies for leading with another Spotify story this morning. But this is actually pretty important for any of you thinking about paid audio.

Apple had a pretty bungled rollout of its paid podcast subscriptions feature earlier this year. Not to be outdone, Spotify has now done the same, but better (so far), because it actually seems to have listened to creators, and is also waiving commissions for the first two years.

Podcast publishers in 33 markets can now mark episodes as ‘subscriber only’, and choose from a variety of price-point options. Spotify has also launched a feature to allow podcasters to download a list of subscribers’ contact information. The service is available via Spotify’s podcast creation platform Anchor, with subscriptions able to be accessed by both iOS and Android users.

With the release of Open Access on the horizon, the barriers to testing paid audio are rapidly coming down. Go forth and conquer.

Medium acquires Knowable to bring audio to the platform

Medium announced today its third and final acquisition of the year: Knowable, an audio-based learning platform featuring podcast-like courses from experts. Knowable will remain a standalone platform (which charges $25 annually for access to over 100 courses) but might be included in future Medium subscription bundles.

50 ways to make media pay in 2021

This is a revised and updated version of the 50 Ways To Make Media Pay report, written by Damian Radcliffe. It’s a substantial read, covering everything from subscriptions and micropayments to affiliate partnerships and programmatic ads.

Why do we still care about magazine covers?

The main goal of a well-designed cover was to stick out on a newsstand, but that’s a pretty outdated concept now. Yet magazine covers still create quite a stir online when done well. “The actual process has not really changed that much,” Time’s creative director said. “It’s still an eight-by-ten-and-a-half-inch blank canvas that I’m staring at that we have to figure out how to fill.”

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