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SSPs join forces to clean up programmatic for advertisers and publishers

Sovrn, which offers products and services to more than 25,000 independent online publishers, and OpenX the world’s leading independent advertising technology provider, have issued a rallying cry to industry supply-side partners (SSPs) to collaborate in raising the standards in programmatic advertising by signing a new framework of principles and commitments that promote clarity and trust.

The open letter – signed by CEOs of OpenX, Sovrn, Rubicon Project, SpotX, Teleria and PubMatic – is designed to provide a fairer and efficient programmatic marketplace for advertisers, publishers and brands.

This is the first time top ad exchanges have aligned around a clear, unambiguous set of rules on efficiency, transparency, and fair market values, and it is hoped that the principles will raise the bar for how exchanges function as well as giving brands and advertisers enhanced confidence in the programmatic ecosystem.

The core tenets of the principles centre on creating a transparent marketplace to reduce friction, ensure quality, and increase value for both publishers and buyers.

These principles will serve as a starting point for TAG (Trustworthy Accountability Group) compliance and accountability certifications that publishers, buyers, and their representatives can rely upon when making programmatic advertising decisions.

Whilst the six original signatory companies have established a baseline direction to accelerate a new industry certification, TAG will manage the next phase—developing a measurement and certification process for all SSPs. This will involve even broader feedback and collaboration over the coming weeks across the wider industry.

The open letter can be read here in full.