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Snapchat is a significant revenue driver for 65% of publishers, study finds

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67% of publishers consider Google (AMP) to be significant in driving revenue for their companies, according to a recent survey of 124 publisher executives by Digiday. Surprisingly, it’s followed closely by Snapchat with 65% of the vote, while Facebook and YouTube lag far behind with 49% and 54% respectively.

Over half of the respondents in the Digiday study said they earned a profit by posting content to Snapchat. In this case too, Snapchat closely follows Google (AMP), with major platforms like YouTube and Flipboard trailing behind with less than 50% of the publisher votes.

Interestingly, Facebook, Instagram, Apple News and Twitter all scored lower (in the 30% range) in profit-generating potential for publishers, with LinkedIn and Pinterest bringing up the rear with even less confidence from the respondents.

“Earlier this year, Snapchat announced it would integrate with other platforms to allow users to share their Story updates externally,” says John McDermott in OneZero, the tech publication from Medium. “For the first time in company history, Snapchat is looking to expand its influence beyond the app itself.”

Snapchat has seen a massive increase in its install rate following the launch of their gender-swap and baby lenses, according to estimated data provided by Sensor Tower, a mobile app market research firm.

“Once again, Snap has displayed its capacity for tapping into the zeitgeist, and launching industry-leading creative options,” says Andrew Hutchinson, Head of Content at Social Media Today. “Snap has still been able to stay a step ahead, beating Facebook on the one front that it has consistently been able to do so—innovation.”

Snapchat continues to innovate, and is currently experimenting with an events feature of its own (similar to a functionality offered by Facebook), a new ‘multi-snap’ feature, and fresh sticker options.

In addition, Snapchat’s strength is an in-depth understanding of their core audience. The company recently released a report, Into Z Future: Understanding Generation Z, a 70-page outline of key Gen Z habits and trends, which includes a trove of relevant insights and stats. They also partnered with GlobalWebIndex for a report, Global Trends Among Gen Z, looking at the younger generation through a different lens: mobile behavior.

Snapchat’s impact goes beyond frivolous usage amongst the millennial audience, though. Engagement is rising; original series are finding return viewers on the platform, reports Hollywood Reporter. “People are subscribing, they’re coming back to watch the shows at the cadence we’re distributing them,” says Snapchat’s Senior Director of Content Sean Mills.

“Snapchat continues to be used by the post-Facebook generation. So if you want to reach young people, a highly-coveted audience, Snapchat has to be on the media plan,” concluded an ad industry exec, in OneZero.

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