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Q&A: YumpuNews, online magazine and newspaper subscription platform

YumpuNews is the latest entrant to the highly competitive ‘all you can consume’ media subscription market. The platform launched in Germany in February this year and offers more than 600 titles from over 140 publishers including Bauer Media DE, Hearst, and Der Standard. We caught up with i-Magazine’s Max Barnes ahead of the UK launch of YumpuNews, following the company’s successful launch in Germany.

Can you give us some background about your company?

YUMPU was a pioneer in digital publishing 15 years ago when the company developed a cutting edge browser and app page-turning software solution for publishers to move beyond print and discover new readers online.

Founded and privately owned by Norbert Rom of i-Magazine in Switzerland (part of the adRom group), YUMPU attracts 150 million unique readers worldwide annually and the website receives over 17.5 million visitors per month, making it one of the top 1000 visited websites in the world. Our latest development is YumpuNews, a magazine and newspaper subscription platform for ePaper readers.

What business problem is your company addressing, and what is your core product?

YumpuNews exploits the paradigm shift that, for the next generation of consumers, access is more valuable than ownership. Digital natives don’t buy; they use, stream, and subscribe.

Digitisation is rapidly changing consumer behaviour across the world. Increasingly younger generations are consuming content and seeking entertainment on platforms with easy access and tailored to their behaviour, and they expect a great user experience as standard.

This is the audience of the future for publishers, and with an average user age profile of 32 years, YumpuNews offers a compelling alternative to the traditional model of newsstand distribution at a time of accelerating and rapid decline, connecting a new, younger audience to great magazines and newspapers through strong tech.

YumpuNews gives publishers a platform to increase their international reach, and offers further opportunities for new reader acquisition courtesy of parent company adRom, a data and email marketing business with far-reaching expertise and an online presence which includes first-party web portals in travel and shopping.

YumpuNews provides five user profiles for each subscription so that the whole family can hook into their personal interest and create their own personalised experience. Best-in-class AI and UIX will then recommend new titles that the reader may not have considered before – creating many new reader acquisition opportunities for publishers.

Can you give some examples of publishers successfully using your solution?

When YumpuNews launched in Germany and Austria it experienced considerable success almost immediately from launch. There, publishers have been monitoring and tracking statistics about their readers using a carefully developed online tool. YumpuNews is certified by the IVW and the OEAK, the equivalent regulators in Germany and Austria to the ABC in the UK, providing publishers with essential data to verify circulation performance to advertisers and other commercial partners.


The UK pricing will be similar to other successful flat rate subscription platforms like Netflix and Spotify, and will be defined within the coming months.

What are other people doing in the space and why?

There are other platforms in the market, but YUMPU is an established company with a long history in online publishing. It provides ePublishing solutions for some of the most prestigious universities and respected governments in the world, and has invested significant sums in developing a software solution that delivers what the reader needs.

It was a natural progression to take this technology and connect ePapers with an audience of young digital natives at easily accessible prices with YumpuNews.

How do you view the future?

After successful launches in Germany and the UK, YUMPU plans to keep distributing increasingly diverse content and will launch with the same strategy into other territories. Maintaining a fast pace with our experienced team is a key success factor for reaching a critical mass of users. Giving our publishers the opportunity to present their great publications to an international audience is one of our top priorities.

Thank you, and good luck on your UK launch.