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How publishers can use programmatic direct mail to drive new revenue

Programmatic ad campaigns have been around long enough that most publishers know them intimately. Know the ins and outs of what they can — and can’t — provide, and how they can be used to drive ad impressions and branding for advertisers.

Companies like PebblePost are taking the concept of programmatic advertising one step further: now it can be used to drive print outreach to consumers.

Platforms like PebblePost look for ‘signals’ as consumers browse the internet. These signals include all the various ways that a person interacts with a brand — from browsing a company website, to putting an item in a shopping cart but then not checking out, to reading articles or social media posts about that brand or product. But instead of simply delivering a programmatic advertisement on their screen, PebblePost can send direct mail.

Publishers, in particular, are in an excellent position to take advantage of this new platform. Part of the challenge in using a programmatic approach to send direct mail is matching up the “signal” or “intent” with a real person’s name and address. Publishers have a built in database of names and addresses, as well as users who log into their sites and provide more details about themselves. When used in conjunction with a technology designed to capture users’ behavioral data from across the Internet, this can be a powerful story.

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