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News alone is no longer the driver of New York Times subscription growth: The Media Roundup

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Are chief digital officers leapfrogging the rest of the C-suite?

OK, listen up if you want to be the big boss one day: you need to get yourself a chief digital officer title ASAP!

A new study from industry association MMA Global (marketing and media, not martial arts) says CDO responsibilities have shifted to improving overall business performance as much as digitizing business practices. That could provide a faster path to the corner office for digital leaders, their roles overlapping with (stepping on the toes of) other C-suite staffers.

Asked about his prospects of landing a plum role, one MMA board member told Digiday: “If the board was looking for somebody who could see into the future, define transformational business dynamics, and then marshal the company in that direction, then yeah, maybe.” Ooooft!

News alone is no longer the driver of New York Times subscription growth

The New York Times continues to grow its digital subs base; adding another 180,000 in Q3. The big news is, it’s no longer all about news. Instead it’s about an all-access mix of games and cooking content, audio, product recommendations and now The Athletic. Let’s hear it for ‘The Bundle’.

Puck, channeling the charm of magazines past, nears 200,000 subscribers

I’d never heard of Puck until I read this piece from Mark Stenberg, but I think I might have just found my favourite new newsletter model. You should read the piece, but the crux of it is mixing a paid newsletter with premium advertising revenue, much like the the best magazines. With open rates over 70% among paid readers and ad revenue growth of 500%, this is Pucking brilliant.

The importance of data in building trust: in conversation with Reuters’ Scott Malone, Stephanie Burnett and Rob Schack

With just days to go until the US midterms, there has never been so much at stake in terms of misinformation and polarisation. In this new Conversations episode, Chris is joined by Reuters News Agency’s Politics Editor Scott Malone, Digital Verification Editor Stephanie Burnett and Director of Emerging Products and Special Events Rob Schack to discuss how data can help build trust in the news. Listen now.

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