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Microsoft’s AI-powered “answer engine” expected to launch soon: Screenshots leaked

“The explosive popularity of ChatGPT seems like it’s encouraging both Microsoft and Google to accelerate plans for their AI-assisted future.”

The generative AI applications are rolling out, fast and furious. 

Just last week, ChatGPT, announced the launch of the paid version of its viral Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot—ChatGPT Plus.

Within hours, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai confirmed that they too are on track to release generative AI applications in a few weeks.

And now it appears Microsoft is preparing to launch a ChatGPT-powered search engine before the end of March, to make Bing more competitive with Google.

By using the technology behind ChatGPT — which is built by AI company OpenAI — Bing could provide more humanlike answers to questions instead of just links to information.

Tom Warren, Senior Editor for The Verge

Some users on Twitter have reported seeing the “new Bing” and were able to test the system and take a few screenshots before the UI reverted to normal.

Screenshot shared by @Owen_Yin

It appears that the ChatGPT integrated search engine will be called the new Bing: Your AI-powered answer engine. Microsoft is positioning it as an evolution of the search engine, asking you to think of it as “a research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner at your side.”

“I got a preview of Bing’s ChatGPT integration and managed to get some research in before it was shut off,” reports student and designer Owen Yin. 

Gone are the days of typing in specific keywords and struggling to find the information you need.

Microsoft Bing is on the cusp of releasing its ChatGPT integration, which will allow users to ask questions in a natural way and get a tailored search experience that will reshape how we explore the internet.

Owen Yin, designer

“You still get your traditional search results but there’s a new tab to start a chat,” notes Owen in a Medium post. “The search results page won’t be going away entirely. You’ll be able to toggle between search and chat from the toolbar.”

Source: @Owen_Yin

Not just Owen, other Twitter users too reported receiving temporary access to the new search engine before it disappeared.

The images reveal a user interface that closely resembles that of Microsoft’s search engine Bing, but with added features powered by ChatGPT, OpenAI’s language model.

The leaked images show that the tool allows users to type in natural language questions, and receive quick, accurate answers. The interface also features a chat-like interface, making it easy for users to have a conversation with the AI and receive more nuanced responses.

Source: @Owen_Yin

“The new Bing can also apparently cite its sources,” says Owen. “This is an important feature, as the inability of language models like ChatGPT to describe where their information is sourced from makes them less reliable.”

Source: @Owen_Yin

The screenshots suggest that Microsoft is looking to incorporate AI into its search offerings to provide users with more personalized and conversational experiences. The company has not officially announced the tool, but these leaked images have generated considerable excitement among tech enthusiasts and industry experts.

The explosive popularity of ChatGPT seems like it’s encouraging both Microsoft and Google to accelerate plans for their AI-assisted future.

Tom Warren, Senior Editor for The Verge