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It’s new, it’s live!

You might have noticed something startlingly different about What’s New in Publishing – we’ve changed!

Nothing stands still in publishing and we’re no exception. Since being purchased by Sovrn Holdings, Inc. earlier this year we’ve broadened our remit, expanded our team and moved offices to central London.

Like all change, it comes with its own set of challenges, but we’re confident that we are now far better placed to navigate the great publishing disruption and bring you all the latest publishing news you need to know. Right now.

More importantly, it allows us to dive deep into the issues affecting publishers and come up with real solutions (alongside case studies and commentaries) that can help guide you.

At the recent PPA Festival in London, some of the world’s biggest publishers declared that whilst disruption is inevitable, it is up to publishers to be the disruptors, not the disrupted. Our mission at WNIP is to help publishers navigate these unchartered waters and harness the opportunities presenting themselves.

As Hearst UK’s CEO James Wildman was heard to say at the aforementioned event, “it’s an amazing moment in media” and “publishers are a beacon of positivity in a deeply disrupted world.”

In short, he added, “IT IS OUR TIME.”

We hope you like the new look and feel of WNIP. And if you haven’t signed up for our weekly newsletter with the week’s top ten stories, please do so.

Jez Walters, Editor



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