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How to avoid the “unexpected” pitfalls of remote publishing: FIPP webinar

Remote publishing workflows are, for obvious reasons, not the same as in-office workflows. Yet, says Kilian Schalk, founder of Purple Gray Consulting, many a team flounder and productivity nose-dives because they do not adjust long-established workflows for new remote working requirements.

Kilian, an expert in content workflow design and implementation and former Condé Nast managing editor, will be a guest on the first episode of our new FIPP Insider Webinar series.

The webinar takes place on Monday 30 March at 3 pm Greenwich Mean Time. Participation is free.

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Kilian Schalk ()
Kilian Schalk, Founder, PurpleGray

Here are five subjects that the webinar will address

1. The workflow you use in-office will not bring you the same results now that you are remote-working. “It will seem fine,” says Kilian, ” but delays will happen, and you will not know why. Now what?”

2. Bad habits form quickly. “We are going to be working remotely for months, so you better act before those habits embed.”

3. Small bugs in the typical office workflow can become full-scale problems in the remote one. Kilian will talk about the ways to avoid it.

4. Good remote practice puts a premium on trust, openness and sharing. “Avoid the trap of thinking if you want something done right, you should do it yourself. We will discuss how you can build trust remotely, as well as the steps to take to make sure the team accepts the adjustments you made.”

5. Finally, Kilian will discuss some of the technical tools that every team member needs to know? “Yes, and that includes even the boss.”

James Hewes, President and CEO of FIPP, will host the webinar. Join him, and Kilian at 3 pm GMT on Monday, 30 March.

There are only 100 places available for this webinar. 
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It’s totally free.

ICYMI: Here’s a feature article from 17 March of an interview with Kilian about best ways of setting up remote processes for your teams, if you want to read more before the webinar.

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