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Helping publishers direct the web’s future: AOP’s Publishing Tech Talk

Data has been dubbed the “new oil”, the backbone of the digital landscape, and the lifeblood of business. The advertising industry especially relies on data-driven capabilities, which have typically depended on third-party cookies. But as a result of their pending deprecation and regulators’ greater focus on user privacy, however, the ecosystem is reconstructing its approach to data.

Owning unparalleled access to valuable first-party data, premium publishers are ideally positioned to drive progress across the entire digital landscape.

There is a growing demand for solutions that will allow publishers to utilise their data to its full potential, but it’s critical for tech providers to align their offerings more closely with publisher needs. All too often, tech can be a hurdle to success rather than an enabler. Publishers are inundated with potential new tools to add to their tech stacks, leaving them with more questions than answers. But with stronger education on the solutions that deliver the most benefits to their business, publishers will be well-positioned to decide and direct their own future.

To facilitate this education and discussion, the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) organised its first Publishing Tech Talk event, curating the agenda based on feedback from its board members. Launched in association with founding partners Google and Xandr, the event connected publishers with the thought leaders, case studies, and insights they need to make informed decisions on which technologies best support their business models. Through a mix of live webinars, podcasts, and roundtables, the event addressed publishers’ key concerns and provided clarity around increasingly complex issues.

The talks explored the tools that can help publishers achieve their priorities, including maximising yields for premium content and ensuring brand safety in an ad-funded environment. In addition, they focused on how to diversify revenue streams with subscriptions, e-commerce, data products, and events, as well as which technologies can improve the user experience as publishers expand their offerings.

By fostering greater collaboration across the industry, the four-day event aimed to empower publishers with the knowledge to build effective tech stacks. Publishers require solutions that can gather, organise, and monetise their first-party data – not only to increase business revenue, but also to lead the digital ecosystem towards a more sustainable future.

Take a look at the event highlights to learn more about publishing tech best practices:

Richard Reeves
Managing Director at AOP