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The Guardian wants to place more focus on ‘solutions journalism’

In a bid to deepen its commitment to solutions journalism, the Guardian has launched a new series aimed at reporting on positive solutions rather than merely focusing on negative news stories.

The Upside went live on Monday 12 February, publishing a reader call-out that asked people to share how their community has helped resolve a local issue.

Guardian special projects editor Mark Rice-Oxley told, “News has become more and more dismal and that’s probably just because there’s more and more of it, so editors and reporters tend to chase stories that have serious implications and meaning for the world, which tends to be news that is quite negative.”

“We felt that just doing that kind of work doesn’t really give a fair impression of what the world is really like.”

“Rather than having 10 journalists thinking about [solutions reporting] 100 per cent of the time, I want all our journalists to be thinking about this 5 per cent of the time, so that it becomes part of the global fabric of Guardian reporting.”

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