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Forbes reports a return to profit, creating the creator economy, and more: The Media Roundup

#HeForShe: the role of male allies for women journalists

If you spend any time in this industry then you’ll know that many women journalists face unbelievable amounts of abuse, purely because of their gender. It’s not possible to ignore – nor should we turn away from – the fact that a lot of men believe that women shouldn’t play a role in holding the powerful to account through their journalism. It’s a pathetic mindset held by small-minded little bigots – but simply ignoring it isn’t an option.

This episode of the podcast looks at why men must support their women colleagues who are facing torrents of online threats and abuse, sexual harassment and barriers to advance in the industry. As noted in the blurb, it’s simply not tenable nor acceptable for us men to assume we don’t have a stake in improving things:

“The bottom line is this: women do not expect men to have all the answers, but they do need men to be present and proactive when it counts. After all, our newsrooms are better when we have strong and supported women working on the frontlines and in the boardrooms.”

Forbes reports a return to profit in 2021

This is an interesting one – almost nobody I’ve spoken to has understood the rationale between a lot of Forbes’ more recent launches, from its network of newsletters to its repositioning in the age of direct payments and subscriptions. And yet…

Was Randy Cassingham the first member of the Creator Economy?

Before Substack, before Stratechery… there was Randy Cassingham. I admit I hadn’t heard of him before this article from Simon Owens, but there’s a credible argument to be made that this man saw the creator economy and the flight to niche coming way, way before the bigger players.

Meghan calls for tabloid industry overhaul as Mail on Sunday loses appeal

It’s honestly very hard to know who is punching down on whom in this spat, so we’ll settle for reporting the facts. After winning her case against the Mail for invasion of privacy, Meghan Markle has called for the reformation of the tabloid industry.

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