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Facebook’s Metaverse is becoming a real thing: The Media Roundup

Facebook’s Metaverse is becoming a real thing

Did you read Casey Newton’s interview with Mark Zuckerberg the other day? It’s full-on Ready Player One, all ‘embodied internet’ and ‘stronger sense of presence’ and my first thought was… what’s the boy wonder been smoking?

And then, just three days after Zuck’s Metaverse musings, we’re told that Facebook is reorganizing to build out a new Metaverse product group. The new outfit will bring together senior people from Facebook’s product, AR and VR teams to, “remove the limitations of physics and move between them with the same ease as moving from one room in your home to the next.”

I don’t know whether to be impressed or terrified. But one thing’s for sure, any revenue expectations publishers have of monetizing the Metaverse, they’re bound to be sorely disappointed.

A fascinating farewell from Keith Kelly as Media Ink comes to an end

We reported a while back that Keith Kelly was retiring from his New York Post Media Ink. In his farewell he offers some lovely behind-the-scenes insight into almost a quarter-century of writing the column. It’s well worth a read even if it’s only to make you wish you’d met half the media legends he has. Thank you Keith.

Digital readership trends: Travel and recreation soar post-pandemic

Readly has released its latest readership trends data and travel and recreation publications are topping the charts, post-pandemic. Travel articles in newspapers and specialist travel magazines are especially popular, presumably as readers look for information on holiday destinations they can actually visit.

Leaked memo shows New York Times is working on its Substack killer (£)

This story is paywalled on Insider, but you can expect to hear more soon about two new hires at the New York Times. Jay Caspian Kang and Peter Coy, veterans of Vice and Businessweek, have been brought in to work on the paper’s ‘secret’ newsletter project – another sign that the Substack resistance is real.

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