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Can Zette solve the problem of micropayments? — The Media Roundup

A 26-year-old entrepreneur takes a fresh shot at selling news one story at a time

Yeah, yeah, we know. We’ve heard all the arguments against micropayments for news – and I actually agree with a lot of them. But it’s worth taking a look at any new experiment in making them work, particularly when it comes from a fresh entrant into the space. Poynter’s Rick Edmonds spoke to Zette founder Yehong Zhu about why she believes her experiment will ultimately be the one to crack that nut.

The core of her argument? That the means by which most news sites speak to young audiences ignores a lot of why that cohort chooses to pay: “For a younger news audience especially, keep it functionally simple and fast; bells and whistles could be a distraction. They decide to stay or move on in half a second and tend to be light readers.”

Look, this isn’t necessarily going to work. But it’s worth trying, if only because hard paywalls leave a sizeable proportion of people unable to access quality news. Whether you believe it will work or not, you have to wish Zette the best.

What’s next for Apple News?

Of all the tech giants, Apple probably had the best opportunity to make news work for itself and its partners. But it never quite panned out that way. In this piece for The Addition, Charlotte Henry takes a look at the current state of Apple’s news products – to find out where it might be going next.

Lemon-Aid: Pandemic-inspired parenting newsletter finds enduring success

I love a quick editorial launch, particularly where it relates to launching a product that serves a community in need. Lemon-Aid, set up to support parents during the pandemic, is now offering that lifeline to parents suffering under the longer pandemic of Tory rule. Its founder Lynda Moyo explains why.

100th episode special: how do publishers maintain their brand value in a world of distributed content?

Now this is a throwback episode. We were joined by four fantastic guests – EMPIRE’s Editor in Chief Terri White, The Week’s Chief Executive Kerin O’Connor, PinkNews’ Head of Platforms Ellen Stewart, and Bibblio’s founder Mads Holmen – to discuss whether publishers can maintain brand identity in a world of distributed content.

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