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Business newsletter Industry Dive set to break $100 million in revenue: The Media Roundup

Business newsletter Industry Dive set to break $100 Million in revenue

Business newsletter publisher Industry Dive is on track to make somewhere between $105 and $110 million this year. Profitable since 2014, it has seen revenues jump from $29 million in 2019.

The 10-year-old publisher has a network of 53 newsletters serving 22 different industries. It reached 2.5 million free subscribers through a portfolio of 25 daily and 28 weekly emails. It reports open rates of 30%, well above the 22% reported as standard by Mailchimp.

Business newsletter Industry Dive set to break $100 Million in revenue

CEO Sean Griffey says, “For us, the strategy was to find valuable people and aggregate them. Even though they’re going to be smaller audiences, they will be valuable, and to achieve scale we just had to do that multiple times.”

Google, Meta and Amazon on track to absorb more than 50% of all ad spend this year

Last year, the triopoly accounted for more than $7 in every $10 spent on digital advertising globally. Google, Meta and Amazon’s 74% share of digital ad spend in 2021 translated to 47% of all global ad spend last year and the smart money is betting on the big three taking a majority share this year.

Inside Axel Springer’s #MeToo moment

Billed as a shocking must-read, the FT has spent three months investigating sexual misconduct at Axel Springer-owned Bild. Uncovering evidence of further mismanagement of the affair, the piece says that although sleazy boss Julian Reichelt was removed from his post, many of the women involved do not feel they have won their struggle. Rather than support its staff, the company has yet to apologise fully for what happened and its own role in the scandal.

New magazine launching just in time for Valentine’s Day

Divorcing Well magazine will be hitting US newsstands on Valentine’s Day. But rather than getting down in the dumps about the trouble and strife that besets human relationships, see the launch as a “proclamation that being single and happy in one’s own skin is a celebration…” There truly is a magazine for everyone.

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