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BBC Producer Dr Chadden Hunter on using media to raise global awareness of conservation issues

On this week’s episode we talk to Dr Chadden Hunter, who is a Director and Producer at the BBC Natural History Unit, and has worked on blockbuster nature programmes like Planet Earth II, Frozen Planet and Wild Arabia.

He discusses how he balances the desire to highlight conservation issues with the need to produce an entertaining series, the role new media can play in reaching global audiences, and what it’s like working with David Attenborough on the storytelling side. He also tells us why he has hope in the younger generation and their climate change activism.

In the news roundup the team discusses the misbehaviour of the press and platforms in the wake of terrorism, why Twitter’s podcast indicates its changing priorities, and make predictions about Apple’s next moves.

See the full transcript here.

Republished with kind permission of Media Voices, a weekly look at all the news and views from across the media world

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