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Ad ops start targeting consumers via keywords, not categories

Two ex-Google directors are turning the search engine approach to ad and content targeting on its head. Rather than relying on consumers to type-in keywords to find relevant content, Professor Dr Thomas Hofman and Dr Jurgen Galler have developed a new AI platform which enables advertisers and publishers to type-in keywords to find relevant consumers, in much the same way as using a search engine.

Until now, most interest-based targeting of consumers relies on pre-segmented audiences often defined and categorised by third party data suppliers. These audience interest data sets have come under criticism for being too broad, out-of-date, and with a large volume of users that can sometimes be irrelevant.

A Swiss start-up funded by VC capital, 1plusX’s new functionality gives both advertisers and publishers far more control over the real-time relevance and reach of their campaigns. To ensure compliance with GDPR, data added into the platform remains the exclusive property of each individual publisher and no data is either shared or mixed.

European ad network Goldbach has been the first to test the new keyword targeting functionality to build audiences for various brands and publications based on a seed data pool of over 15 million profiles within its display and video network.

Annette Dielmann, Chief Product Officer of the Goldbach Group, said, “1plusX’s keyword targeting capabilities are helping us to define highly flexible, meaningful, real-time audiences of relevance to any campaign and we’re already targeting campaigns at audience segments we have defined using keywords, for example our “Singletons” segment. ”

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