GDPR Publishing

GDPR for Publishers: The Lawyer’s View

With GDPR on the (very) near horizon, the need for publishers to clarify their legal obligations and implement them is essential. WNIP met with one of the world’s most respected GDPR specialists, Gabriel Voisin, a partner of international law firm Bird & Bird LLP for a special one-off podcast on the subject.

Hosted at Bird & Bird’s City of London offices, Gabriel responds to questions such as “What is an adequate consent approach?”; “How do I, as a publisher, respect the data subject rights?”; “If a partner establishes themselves as a processor, am I liable for all reader data collection and transferred?”; and much more besides….

Editor’s note: This podcast was first released in April, but we have re-published it in part answer to the volume of inquiries coming into WNIP from concerned publishers.



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