What are bridge roles in media organisations?

‘At the core of it is an ability for someone to not treat things as just ‘that’s not my job’

If you work in a newsroom and you often find yourself acting as a point of contact or liaison between various teams and departments, even though it may not be an official requirement of your position, you are probably performing a ‘bridge role’ in your organisation.

As Federica Cherubini, head of knowledge sharing at Condé Nast International, explained recently in a Nieman Lab prediction for 2018, ‘bridge roles’ are found at the intersection of various disciplines such as editorial, engineering and commercial, translating expectations and focusing on improving collaboration between these departments.

At the Financial Times, Robin Kwong is head of digital delivery, which requires him to work closely with editorial, technology and product, as well as commercial, to set up structures and processes for telling stories differently and more digitally. Prior to this, his most recent role at the FT as special projects editor, as well as the previous one as interactive data journalist, both involved working across teams with different skills and expertise.

“There’s a need to bridge silos within departments as well as across them,” he said.

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