Refinery29 on why authenticity of experience is so important

In the latest episode of Media Voices, the gang speak to Refinery29’s Jacqui Kavanagh about the publisher’s success in Europe since it launched in 2015, and about what authenticity means to audiences and brands. The podcast also covers why experiential is such a growth industry.

Refinery29 is self-described as the leading global media company focused on young women. It ‘inspires, entertains, and empowers its audience through optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view’. AdAge simply says, ‘women’s media has its icons….if we were to name one for the digital age, it would be Refinery29’. Enough said.

Also discussed is the Guardian’s return to black, some unfortunate closures at news sites that have been long admired, and whether Facebook’s plan to have The People judge the trustworthiness of news outlets is a good idea (no, but what’s the alternative?).

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