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YouGov is pitching its GDPR-compliant blockchain targeting tool as a ‘boon’ for publishers

Market research giant YouGov is readying a blockchain solution that will allow EU consumers to choose which data they share with brands; a move that will not only help it preserve its nascent digital ad network post-GDPR, but one it’s pitching as a “great boon” for publishers too.

Speaking to The Drum, YouGov’s chief executive Stephan Shakespeare explained that YouGov has spotted an opportunity to embrace cracking the code around finding more transparent and accountable ways to access consumer data.

The tech to support this vision is being baked into YouGov Direct, the insight firm’s recently-launched ad platform. Of YouGov’s some 6 million panelists around the world, who are already financially rewarded to share their preferences and media habits for market research purposes, those residing in the EU will be now be incentivised to share further data with third parties while remaining anonymous.

A blockchain ledger will then be used to verify the data exchange between these consumers and advertisers. The information in the blockchain will be granular but anonymised, which the research firm has claimed will give advertisers and publishers the ability to target audiences more effectively post-GDPR. The blockchain solution is poised to launch in early 2019.

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