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WNIP is now on Flipboard: @wnip

We are pleased to launch What’s New in Publishing on Flipboard. The page can be accessed via this link or simply by using our Flipboard handle which is @wnip.

We’d like to extend our thanks to the Flipboard team including UK Managing Editor Jessica Elsey, Content Partnerships Manager Patricia Lee, and Christel van der Boom at FlipMarketer over in the Netherlands.

Flipboard is the No. 5 traffic source for digital publications, behind only Google, Facebook, Twitter and (only just behind) Pinterest. Indeed, Condé Nast Britain told Digiday that the platform is starting to rival Twitter

For publishers who have not yet joined Flipboard, here’s a brief guide how to do so from Flipboard’s Jessica Elsey:

  • Getting your content onto Flipboard is straightforward, you just have to register. You will need to input an RSS feed, so that your content can be added to our algorithm, which feeds that content to our users. To be most effective, we’ve created a series of best practices, which include sorting your feeds by date, and why you should not re-use the same image in multiple stories. It is worth noting that, when readers click on articles behind paywalls, they will be directed to the publisher’s site but will not be able to access it without signing in. To maintain the high quality user experience, it’s advisable to focus your RSS feeds on any free content available to drive traffic.
  • The platform itself is also free for publishers to join as we monetise through native advertising in the app. Publishers that aren’t yet on Flipboard may already see traffic from us, as users can flip articles they find interesting onto the platform. Our aim is to improve on this traffic once you are a publisher partner.
  • In October 2017, we launched the RED Bolt Program in the US, which is designed to help users gain access to the highest quality content. The RED Bolt is awarded to publishers already on the platform who demonstrate enhanced mobile experiences. It has since rolled out worldwide. The key benefit of being RED Bolt verified is that articles will be boosted on Flipboard, increasing traffic to your site.
  • To find out more take a look at our Publishing Q&A or contact

WNIP key tips

Our own application process to join Flipboard wasn’t without the odd hiccup or two. Here we’d like to pass on a couple of key pieces of advice that we learnt:

  1. Remember, whichever account you apply from will be converted to the official magazine account and renamed. So it’s best to make a new account, created using an official email address having the same domain name as the source website. Flipboard is very careful in this regard and if they see a mismatch, your application may not go forward. In short, they have to be sure that the application is genuine and from an official representative of a publication.
  2. In our experience, the best way to navigate any issues or indeed an outright rejection, is to message Flipboard via its Flipmarketer Twitter account (@FlipMarketer). Replies are prompt and informative. 

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