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Yahoo’s demise is a death knell for digital news orgs

The beleaguered company’s failure is a sign of what’s to come for many ad-based websites.

Yahoo filed its final quarterly report last week. And just like that, the once-mighty tech firm is exiting public trading.

The company has been unraveling—slowly and spectacularly—for more than a decade now. But this particular moment is a good one for reflecting on how Yahoo’s troubles are likely to be replicated in a wave across the web, and soon, among businesses like news organizations that rely heavily on advertising revenue for their survival.

Print newspapers will continue to fold, but Yahoo’s demise is a signal that web-native companies are next. If you run a business that relies on digital-advertising revenue for an outsized portion of your funding, you need to find new streams of revenue. Now. It may already be too late. Unless you’re Facebook or Google, that is.

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