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Wochit named as one of publishing’s fastest growing tools

The Digital Production Partnership (DPP) has highlighted Wochit, the social video creation platform, as one of the fastest growing tools being adopted by the video content creator community in the UK.

  • The report, entitled ‘New Content Creators’ is the first ever piece of qualitative research in the UK looking into the operational models of new content creators and the suppliers who enable them
  • The report draws on in-depth interviews with over 30 non-broadcast production companies and their suppliers and repeatedly names Wochit as one of the leading providers within this industry that is increasingly being adopted by content creators in the UK

The DDP is a not-for-profit company, founded by shareholders including ITV, BBC and Channel 4. It’s aim is to make fully digital, global, internet-enabled content creation and distribution work more productively for all.

“There is now more audio-visual content created for non-broadcast than broadcast distribution – much of it very high quality,” said DPP Managing Director and author of the report, Mark Harrison. “We were keen to find out if this non-broadcast content world had a way of working that was different from broadcast. And the answer, resoundingly, is that it does.”

The DPP presented the findings of this research, together with a panel of interviewees from the non-broadcast community, at a DPP Open Forum in London yesterday.