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Why news sites need better crisis comms: The Media Roundup

Fallout from the Fast Company hack

Fast Company’s Apple News account was seemingly hacked. That’s bad enough. But in the immediate aftermath the official Apple News Twitter account was forced to put out a tweet decrying the ‘incredibly offensive’ content pushed out by the hacker, noting it had suspended Fast Company’s account. And then it turned out Fast Company’s entire back end had been compromised, and as of time of writing had been replaced by a holding page.

“Before it disappeared, Fast Company’s website included a message from the hackers “postpixel” in which they described how they had been able to execute the attack by infiltrating Fast Company’s WordPress back-end, and ridiculed the publication’s efforts to secure its publishing tools and administrator portal.“

Oof. That’s quite the cascade of failures. You have to feel bad for the Fast Company team who have had to scramble to deal with this, and for the Apple News Twitter team who probably spat out their coffees in shock. It’s a reminder that news sites need to be on top of their own security (and should probably have crisis comms preplanned for similar events).

Publishers test personalizing newsletters with varying degrees of success

A very good and concise look at how publishers including Reach are attempting to personalise newsletters. Unsurprisingly, even with proprietary and off-the-shelf solutions, it’s very hard to get it right. That said, you personally look very nice today, that’s right, you reading this newsletter right this very moment.

Meet Context: Our new journalism platform

The Thomson Reuters Foundation has launched a new journalist platform, one which will cover three critical issues of our time: climate change, impact of technology on society and the need for more inclusive economies. Good name.

We need to talk about podcast listener numbers

Most podcasts probably get fewer listens than you think. As the gold rush continues, are we in danger of skewing podcast listener numbers to try and keep up?

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