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What’s the future for events and conferences? — The Media Roundup

What’s the future for events and conferences?

This is a very timely piece from FIPP. As the UK reintroduces compulsory mask-wearing and vaccination passports for many venues, Ashley Norris is looking at how the events and conference sector might look post-Omicron. TLDR – virtual events are here to stay.

Ashley makes the point that, just a couple of weeks ago, publishers appeared confident that 2022 would be the year they returned to major in-person, live events and conferences. Then the Omicron variant took hold and all bets are off.

What’s the future for events and conferences?

But even before we knew about Omicron, publishers had come to see online events as more than a ‘pandemic-induced bolt-on’. This piece features lots of practical advice on running successful virtual events, gathered, ironically, at a session held during the PPA’s Independent Publisher conference in London last month.

Nieman Lab’s Predictions for Journalism 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… when Nieman Lab launches its annual ‘Predictions’ series. Each year, some of the smartest people in journalism and digital media say what they think is coming in the next 12 months. The first posts came out earlier this week and the series will update through December 17th.

The Week founder launches another news digest

Jon Connell, the brains behind the launch of The Week back in 1994, is launching another news digest publication, but digital this time. The Knowledge will follow a similar digest format, but rather than stick to a weekly cycle, it will be centred on a daily newsletter. Connell says: “People now expect their information daily rather than weekly.”

Platforms in 2021: Facebook fights fires while Google placates publishers with cash payouts

To say that it’s been a bad year for Facebook would be an understatement. But the overall relationship between publishers and platforms has shifted dramatically over the course of the year – and not necessarily for the better. Mr Chris Sutcliffe rounds up the key platform moments of the year as part of our Media Moments 2021 report.

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