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What are publishers’ true perceptions of Facebook?

Facebook’s dominance in digital advertising can foster ambivalence, and even, in some cases, hostility.

“Many publishers view doing business with Facebook as a sort of Faustian dilemma: They can get rich, but they might lose their souls,” Grzegorz Piechota wrote in an International News Media Association (INMA) report released last week. “Or, to be precise, they can get access to vast audiences and make some money but risk diluting their brand and losing their direct relationship with users.”

For the report, INMA surveyed 37 news executives from Europe and the U.S. About 80 percent of the surveyed publishers were at websites that had at least 10 million monthly uniques. And about 30 percent of these publishers’ total website visits came from Facebook. Here are five charts from INMA’s study that summarize publishers’ relationships with Facebook.

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