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What are publishers’ barriers to server-to-server connections?

Programmatic buying is quickly evolving, but each new integration has its own set of drawbacks.

Waterfalling helped publishers sell more of their inventory, but it wasn’t the best way to make sure publishers were making the most money. Header bidding has increased yield, but it slowed down page loads. Now publishers are moving to server-to-server connections, but there is concern that the tech vendors implementing the product will give themselves unfair advantages.

At Digiday’s Hot Topic Header Bidding event in New York City yesterday, we asked publishers what they see as the biggest barrier to adopting server-to-server connections.

Ashley McGee, director of programmatic and platforms at Tronc
My main concern is around trust and transparency. Do I have a partner that I trust enough that I can see who is truly winning [the auction] and who isn’t gaming the system? So it is in trust and reporting. I’m used to having control and being able to see what is happening. But I have heard with server-side there is more blindness for publishers and buyers. I’d like a partner I feel confident to take that leap of faith with.

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