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Washington Post uses Snapchat as the new tool for breaking news

The Washington Post is building a Snapchat Discover team as the company plans to produce multiple daily editions for the platform every day of the week.

On Monday, The Washington Post launched on Snapchat Discover, the media section of the popular messaging app that offers daily content from 40-something publishers including BuzzFeed, ESPN, CNN and Refinery29. Unlike other Discover partners, The Washington Post plans to be a source of breaking news content on the platform, which means posting new editions multiple times a day, every day. The number of times The Post publishes to Snapchat Discover will depend on the news cycle, but it’s expected to roll out new content at least twice a day within its daily edition.

“There are a lot of publishers [on Snapchat Discover] that publish only once a day or once a week,” said Christopher Meighan, director of emerging news products for The Washington Post. “Social platforms are so in the moment, to not have a breaking news presence, seemed to be a gap that needed to be filled.”

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