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Washington Post sees opportunities on Facebook Live

Some production strategies are common – most, if not all, news organisations have staff members dedicated to monitoring and replying to comments in real-time and after the stream has ended.

But there are also differences, with some outlets choosing to go live on the spot and others leaning more towards scheduled broadcasts to avoid potential technical difficulties and give viewers a sense of constancy.

The Washington Post is part of the latter category – last month, the outlet announced the appointment of T.J. Ortenzi as the organisation’s first Facebook Live editor, who will be tasked with creating content for the platform but also with “developing interesting story formats that can last not just on Facebook, but lead us to new and interesting things”, said Micah Gelman, director of editorial video at The Washington Post.

“We’ve seen what others are doing, a lot of talking heads and people in front of computer screens and white walls, but we want to be much more visual and visceral, go places and show people things,” he told

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