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View from the buy-side: Video

Online video continues to be the fastest growing advertising sector in the UK with brands spending more on video ads than digital banner ads, according to IAB UK. Today, the challenge for publishers is to find ways to meet the needs of brands and to capture video ad budgets which are currently flowing to Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

Video advertising is often over complicated but it boils down to generating the right type of attention and engagement, and ultimately, maximising the value of a view.

Video creative needs to be fit-for-purpose for the size of the screen on which it will be viewed, deliver a message with and without sound and tell a consistent story across multiple screens. To do this effectively, media buyers need access to suitable video players and multiple ad formats – especially vertical video as this drives better performance – and sequential targeting options.

Programmatic is the dominant buying mechanism for online video demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad exchanges are the most common way media buyers purchase ads as they offer large-scale reach and granular targeting options. Integrating supply-side technology gives access to these budgets, but for high-quality environments, buyers are open to direct deals.

Buyers want to deliver integrated video, across distribution devices. Stand-alone TV, video on demand (VOD) and online video advertising solutions don’t really cut it in today’s multi-channel, always on world. Brands can achieve incremental performance gains, by combining video platforms (TV, video on demand (VOD) and online video).

The benefits of combining platforms are three-fold. Firstly, publishers with a combined offering will be able to take a larger portion of brands’ video advertising budgets. Secondly, brands will realise incremental performance gains as reach and frequency increase. Finally, consumers will enjoy a more consistent brand experience.

Effective video advertising has tremendous benefits for both publishers and brands as long as there is the correct balance of reach and performance, eCPM and revenue, and creative options. Finally, as with all advertising partnerships, long-term success relies on communication and cooperation from both sides.

Sam Fenton-Elstone, CEO, Anything is Possible   @sjfe

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