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Video monetisation report reveals rapid growth of ad views around STB, VOD and live content

FreeWheel has announced the launch of its Q4 2017 Video Monetisation Report, which shows an increase in video ad views across Europe last year, thanks to the migration of IP delivered content to the big screen and the increased popularity of live streaming.

The latest figures from the advertising management company show a 20% year-on-year growth for ad views in Europe. This growth was fuelled by the continued rise of Over-the-Top* (OTT) delivery and Set-Top Box Video on Demand (STB VOD) inventory.  Ad views on STB VOD increased by 154% year-on-year.

When combined, OTT and STB VOD now account for 37% of ad view share in Europe and 50% in the US. This highlights a continued shift towards the consuming of content in a ‘living room’ environment. Smartphone ad viewership also grew at 31% year-on-year in Europe, with combined mobile and tablet viewing overtaking desktop.

Ad views around live content in Europe showed strong double-digit growth (30%). This reflects the growth potential in live viewing, similar to the U.S. market, as technology scales in Europe.

Other key findings of the report included:

  • Continuing the trend of previous quarters, the highest growth area in Europe came from the monetisation of clips content – up by 119% year-on-year and representing 21% of the market
  • Publishers continue to keep ad loads in check to strike the right balance between user experience and monetisation. Q4 saw a reduction of 1.32 ads per long-form break, translating to a reduction of 42 seconds per break
  • Premium publishers still favoured direct-sold ads in 2017, with 80% of the market, as opposed to 20% for programmatic sales

The FreeWheel Video Monetisation Report is released quarterly and is based on census-level advertising data collected through the FreeWheel platform.

The full report can be downloaded here:


Over the top (OTT) allows a streaming content provider to sell audio, video, and other media services directly to the consumer over the internet via streaming media as a standalone product.