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Updates for publishers from WWDC21, B2B subscriptions, and more: This week in publishing

The must-read publishing stories you may have missed this week

Time to rethink email metrics?

If we thought Google’s cookie announcement last year was dramatic, we might be about to see another huge shift in the way we collect and measure data, thanks to Apple.

This week saw its annual Worldwide Developers Conference kick off. We’ve done a round-up of the most important updates for publishers, but one in particular stood out for us.

The tech giant previewed a number of powerful new privacy protections across all its operating systems to help users better control their data. One update will allow users to shut the ability of advertisers to see if and when an email is opened through Apple’s Mail app.

Essentially, this will make Mail users’ email opens invisible to many email providers. Given open rates are a key metric for publishers, it’s time to think about alternative measures of engagement. 



B2B Subscriptions: Strategies publishers are using to conquer the market

Subscription revenue has become increasingly more important to publishers as advertising revenue has declined. Publishers, especially those with general interest publications, have traditionally pursued individual consumers. Now many are exploring the B2B subscriptions model to attract subscribers in bulk from businesses and organisations. 


Apple WWDC 2021: What publishers need to know

While WWDC is primarily a developer-focused event, it also provides an in-depth look at the future of Apple platforms, and indicates what developments are in store for the publishing community.


“News organisations have become even more central to how people stay informed”: How the pandemic helped publishers build trust

“In almost all countries, news organisations are the single most widely used source of information about coronavirus,” states a new report by Reuters.


“It’s been a galvanising moment for us”: How Quartz is charting an independent path to the future

Squeezed by plummeting ad revenues and a slow takeup of its membership offering, Quartz has seemed to struggle to find its place. Could independence give it a fresh start and a tighter focus?


How to identify audience growth opportunities: The Star, The Economist, South China Morning Post, and The Times

Four publishing executives took part in a session looking specifically at how publishers can go about rethinking their brands to engage younger and more diverse audiences.


Analytics for publishers: Understand the true value of your content

To grow loyal audiences and develop the broadest range of monetization opportunities you need the tools to build a deep understanding of what content works.


6 publishing technologies that will make a difference to your business: Report

In this report we’ve selected six technologies that you can use to build a broader, audience-focused revenue mix for your publishing business.


How Telegram is enabling member-only community spaces

With bespoke solutions often unaffordable for smaller outlets, the platform is increasingly being used to host member-only content or as a tool for developing broader membership programs.


Dealing with imposter syndrome, one magazine at a time

The internal dialogue of someone with imposter syndrome seems to drive the most anxiety – words are powerful and how you speak to yourself matters.

Future-proofing your media business: Lessons from bookstores and Netflix

Lessons for news managers are everywhere. But book publishing especially has made it through similar struggles.

Power in numbers: 4 ways publishers can dismantle Big Tech’s ad dominance

Publishers, who once ruled internet news content, have had to manage the rapidly changing landscape and, in some cases, have lost their grasp on readers at the hands of corporate tech giants. But how and why?

How publishers can unlock connected TV (CTV) to optimise revenue

Amid booming audience engagement — with 40.9 million UK users watching video content on the big screen during lockdown — buy-side enthusiasm around the potential to bolster campaign exposure and ad interaction has soared.

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