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UK’s best-selling men’s magazine launches premium gourmet meal delivery service

Men’s Health, the UK’s best-selling men’s magazine published by Hearst UK, has announced a tie-up with fitness food specialist MunchFit that sees the introduction of ‘Fuel’ – a gourmet meal delivery service tailored by leading nutritionists to assist readers with a wide range of body goals.

Fuel, which can be accessed through, has been designed to boost healthy-eating, specifically around fitness and well-being, and will rotate 180 recipes that feed into four different meal plans based on consumer ambitions.

The average price per meal ranges between £7.99 – £9.99 and is dependent on the length of a subscription (either a 1-week trial, 4, 8, or 12 weeks) and also how many meals per day and how many days per week are selected. The delivery service will operate twice a week and is available nationwide across the UK. 

The new Fuel plans incorporate the following meal options:

  • STRONG: For building muscle mass and is based on providing more calories, protein and carbs.
  • LEAN: For losing weight yet also stoking a person’s metabolism with protein.
  • GREEN: Catering for the 300% increase in vegan diets over the last year, this plan helps to construct a plant-based diet that will allow progress in the gym and also remain tasty.
  • BALANCED: This mixes strong, lean and green meals throughout the week to fuel everyday performance.

Commenting on the partnership, Toby Wiseman, Editor-in-Chief of Men’s Health, says: “We believe that no other food delivery service can match the combination of tailored nutritional science and restaurant-quality dishes. We know the Men’s Health audience values both, so I’m sure they’re going to love the benefits it will bring to their lives.”

The service comes at a time when food delivery services are booming, with the COVID-19 worldwide lockdown pushing the industry forward 3-5 years almost overnight. Healthy food delivery services have seen a particular spike in growth, with consumers becoming ever more interested in health and well-being.