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UK publishers relationship with Facebook Live hits pause

Facebook Live is stagnating in the U.K. And with Facebook ending payments to media companies for creating live video, publishers don’t expect to ramp up live video production in the next six months.

In January, pages run by media companies in the U.K., like BBC Sport, The Guardian, Daily Mail and Sky News, created 850 Facebook Live videos, according to SocialBakers data, a number that has remained flat for the last six months. Overall, according to Michaela Branova, SocialBakers lead data analyst, it indicates we may have reached a level of saturation.

“Facebook incentivized some media companies to produce Live content in 2016,” said Branova. “But if those incentives disappear in 2017, we will likely see media publishers experimenting with other formats for their Facebook content.” According to sources, Facebook is spending more time talking to publishers about 360-degree video, VR and live audio. But there doesn’t seem to be any paid incentives for media companies to create content for these formats, yet.

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